About Us

CoSpaces specialise in the design, leasing and management of flexible workspaces, coworking and innovation communities, and hospitality and events venues.

Our company designs, leases and manages flexible workspaces and innovation ecosystems for landlords, property owners and local Governments. Through careful curation and strategic planning, entertaining and educational events and bespoke innovation programs, we achieve better community outcomes for tenants, landlords and stakeholders for the buildings and cities we inhabit.

Our diverse team has a wide range of skills and experience including workspace design, commercial leasing and facility management, community management, trust accounting, hospitality, concierge service and innovation programs.

What we do

Strategy / Concept / Visualisation

A flexible work space requires a theme, clear direction, and consistent marketing to attract interactive and engage communities. Strategic thinking and concept planning is an extremely important stage, and we bring a decade of experience from managing, marketing and leasing commercial real estate and coworking spaces.

Design / Creative Direction

We work closely with developers, landlords and architects advising on fitout, spatial design, and technology requirements to build beautiful, connected and collaborative spaces. Our expertise includes creative direction, interior styling, technology, artwork and mural curation.

Innovation Programs

We have built educational events and innovation programs for our members and currently manage business coaching, mentoring and LuminaX Accelerator at Cohort. Programs support community growth, connections and partnerships, and help attract and support small businesses and startups.

Events & Marketing

Events and marketing are crucial in the development and growth of any space. We have a strong track record in the design and delivery of a wide range of events and hospitality ventures. Educational and entertaining events help to support businesses and provide social opportunities, which acts as a tenant attraction and provides significant brand building and marketing content opportunities. 


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